We follow new paths in the production of inductive, resistive and electronic components and complete solutions.


Electricity is what makes REO’s heart beat. We believe it is the future of mobility. Whether powered by hydrogen, battery or other forms of energy, the electric motor is the concept for the future of mobility.


REOMED has established itself as a brand name in medical technology. Reliability and meeting delivery deadlines contribute to the popularity and acceptance of the name, just as the knowledge means only the best components are used.

REO Digital Connect 4.0

New systems of communication and information flow enable companies to understand and optimise their productions and workflows in ways that were previously unimaginable.


Efficient cooling due to a single-layer structure – particularly with forced cooling. Due to better cooling – depending on design – aluminium conductors can be used as a replacement for the copper conductors.


At the start of the REOVIB 2.0 project, our development goal was as purist as it was ambitious: We will launch the world’s most advanced and future-proof range of control systems for vibration conveyor technology.

›› REO – technology, security and reliability

We strive to improve technologies every single day and have been pioneering visionary innovations that have been changing the market since 1925. Future-oriented technologies combined with proven systems combine in perfect synthesis. Quality and reliability are not just part of us, but are our hallmarks for a trusting, long-term collaboration with customers and partners. We provide individual, efficient, future-proof hi-tech solutions, made in Germany.

Protection classes

Robust, durable and rigorous – our wide range of electronic components provides protection up to protection class IP66. Electronic components that are exposed to powerful external influences are therefore completely resistant to dust and powerful jet water. Water, brake dust or deposits, whether due to poor weather, wet environments or extremely dry conditions, do not pose a problem. Our systems do not just demonstrate this in the course of frequent, demanding laboratory tests but also where they are in use: at our customers.


Whether it is a bitingly cold -30°C in the Rocky Mountains or a perilous +40°C in the Nevada desert, there is simply no margin for error. Our components are used around the world every day in the toughest conditions. Fortunately, they can be readily trusted to master them, no matter where. To ensure this, we work to the highest standards and even in the earliest development phases when taking customer demands into consideration, our focus is squarely on quality and durability.

Casting technology

Durability and uncompromising long life have set our products apart since the beginning. To ensure this we treat sensitive electronic components with our vacuum pressure method. Relevant sections are either partially or fully encapsulated with epoxy resin as part of this casting technology, ensuring reliable and long-term protection. Our products ensure that entire technology, users and operations are protected even under the most demanding external conditions. Protective measures are available up to protection class IP66, which means complete protection against dust and water.


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important objective when planning and operating electrical equipment. All components should work smoothly with each other and then only intentionally interact with each other, if at all. Unfortunately, this is sometimes very difficult to achieve in practice. In order to be capable of mitigating PowerQuality problems such as harmonics, voltage dips or reactive powers effectively, the sources of error must first be analysed and the measurements evaluated.

Liquid cooling

Ideal cooling even when under full load for prolonged periods – our liquid-cooled systems enable you to focus on what is important. Put your trust in unparalleled performance combined with extremely durable components. Liquid cooling, for example with our braking resistors, means that cooling performance is actively controlled and continuously optimised. The result is homogeneous temperature behaviour with a beneficial effect on the performance of the whole system.


Industry 4.0 is the strategy for comprehensive digitalisation of industrial production. Digital technologies and processes are paving the way for completely new approaches for production and services. With ongoing changes in industry, production and communication requirements are increasing in relation to scalability and interoperability.

With REO, you have a competent partner at your side to master the challenges of Industry 4.0. REO will equip its devices to be IIoT-ready for this and has launched hardware and software solutions developed in house.